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Daisy in the garden
Take a store bought green onion and plant.
In no time you have a giant green onion and every part of this plant is edible.
Get a colander full every 2 days
Blanch the Beans in boiling water for 20 sec, lay out on trays and freeze.
After beans are frozen, just scrape into freezer bag and put back in the freezer.
Good up to a year.
Garlic May 20
Astilbe May 20
Asparagus May 6
Asparagus May 20

I built these stands for lettuce and herbs. Grab the salad spinner and fill it up.
There is a period of about 2 months or so where we can fill this salad spinner everyday.

If you are going to garden, raised beds are the way to go.
Stock Tanks work well for gardening, Protective zinc coating helps the tanks last. I drill holes in the bottoms for drainage.

I covered this larger raised bed with weed fabric and ran a drip hose through it.
The pavers used to hold down the weed fabric leave a path to step.